M Series High Performance ECU Tuning

M Series High Performance ECU Tuning

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Boosted Autosports offer customised software solutions for M Series BMW vehicles.

We offer 2 methods to tune your vehicle depending on your requirements and the available methods for the vehicle. Each of these methods is fully customised and will allow us to work with your specific modifications. 

1. OBDII Port Tuning
Our tuning providers are able to get past the encryption on most vehicles and change the programming directly in the vehicles memory. The team behind the tuning products have experience working with tuning tool manufacturers for the last 20 years and have been an integral part of the R&D network used to unlock new vehicles. Port Tuning allows us to access the greatest number of programming maps for a vehicle. This can often number between 30-60 maps. Some of the common parameters which can be set are as follows:

Boost Levels: In order to create combustion, a motor will use a mixture of air and fuel. By increasing the compression pressure of the turbocharger we can introduce more oxygen into the motor which will in turn create greater combustion forces. We will typically tune a vehicle so that we can reduce unnecessary boost and utilise it to create smooth power delivery without surging and through smart tuning we can continue to generate power all the way to the rev limiter without feeling as if the vehicle has "run out of puff". 

Air to Fuel Ratio: The ratio of air and fuel effects, fuel economy, efficiency of combustion and the temperature of combustion. There is an optimal Air to Fuel Ratio for every motor. We find this optimal figure and tune the vehicle accordingly. 

Timing: During the combustion cycle the pistons move up and down inside the combustion chamber. By igniting the air and fuel mixture early its possible to achieve increased power. Usually when a car is optimised for 98 octane its the timing which has been "advanced" to take advantage of the higher quality fuel. Through port tuning we can optimise cars even further so that they can take advantage of higher octane fuels all the way up to 110 octane. 

There are a number of reasons why manufacturers turn these parameters down:
- To meet emissions laws in multiple regions
- To build factors of safety into their motors
- So that certain models in a range do not compete with more expensive models
- So that there is space to make new performance models next year

2. Open ECU Tuning
In some situations its not possible to get past the OBDII port of a vehicle. When this happens we have speciality tools designed to program the circuit board directly. Essentially this form of tuning is the same as OBDII Port Tuning with regards to the parameters changed, however, the process is more in depth and will require a skilled technician to perform the work. The nature of Open ECU Tuning means that quotes will need to be based on a job per job basis.

Race File Tune Packages
Boosted Autosports tuning products are not just for pump fuel. We are able to optimise files to suit different grades of fuel and develop advanced timing maps to suit. This can be include an addition of BOOSTane Octane Booster - the #1 performing octane booster in the world.

Dyno time is also included with a Race File Tune when optimising for different fuels. A Race File Tuning Package is a sure way to ensure that your vehicle is more powerful than the pack.

Dyno Time
We have a number of dyno operators around the country who will be able to help you with testing your vehicles new power level as it is recorded at the wheels. This gives you the most accurate picture of the performance upgrade we have performed. We can also use the time to perform diagnostics. For certain, more complicated tunes, it is necessary to spend time on the dyno so that we can extract data which will allow us to modify the file. If your vehicle has significant modifications this may be a necessary part of the tuning process.

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