About TredWear

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TredWear had its start in the USA back 2008. The real trick was to find material that will not turn brown and an adhesive that would bond properly to such a dynamic surface. After three and a half years of research (and thousands of kilometres of testing!), we created a product which has the perfect combination of rubber and adhesive to add white letters to your tyre. We did most of the testing over the road on SEMI trucks, since they experienced the most extreme pounding. Sales began in 2010 and we have been growing ever since. The end result is a solution easy to use and install, while lasting the life of most tyres.

No Naked TIRES! Dress them with TREDWEAR!

Why dont tyre manufacturers have white writing?

Tredwear has discussed this with several tyre manufacturers and they all have said the same thing.  Tyre construction (as it applies to sidewalls especially) becomes more critical the lower the section profile.  Many people do not know that the old school white letter tyres use a solid white layer sandwiched into the sidewall that is squeezed outward through raised areas in the tyre mold.  Then a cosmetic layer of black is applied to the surface white layer.  Finally a machine buffs away the black cosmetic layer only on the raised portions and that is how the white letter look is achieved.  On modern low profile, performance tyres, there is not enough room to sandwich this solid white layer. Further, the white layer is purely cosmetic, and therefore adds nothing to the strength and construction of the sidewall.  It seems our need for bigger brakes and higher tyre performance demands have relegated this tyre jewelry accent to the dustbin of history….  Until now!  TredWear has solved this problem with our special patented dual compound rubber used with a patented instant adhesive which together makes a real raised white letter tyre out of any black naked doughnut.  Don’t struggle with tyre lettering stencils or paint that will turn brown in a matter of days.  Order TredWear kits today and take back the past with a modern flair!