Tuning FAQ

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Will it void my warranty?

While CPi will do everything in our power to prevent the manufacturers warranty from being voided there is always a possibility that a vehicles tune can be detected. We offer a service to remove a tune file if you are bringing a vehicle back to the manufacturer for warranty purposes.

Does the software come with a warranty?

All of our software include a limited lifetime warranty against defects in the software. Every file passes under the eyes of our Software Engineer to ensure the best reliability of every file that is installed.

Why does “X” car make more power or torque than “Y” car?

CPi has proven that we have the capability of providing the most power and smoothest power delivery across all platforms. In order to get a fair apples with apples comparison you need to look at the following:

– The type of dyno that the vehicle is being tested on
– The temperature at the time of the test
– The total time of the vehicle test in seconds
– The shape and curve of the graph

We are professionals and have seen all the tricks in the book. If in doubt, just ask. We are more than happy to explain to you how we gather our results and can compare data from around the world to assist you in understanding the tuning process.

Do I need to retune my car after adding mods?

This depends on the level of modification. For a lot of small and minor changes, our intelligent files are able to adapt and self optimise. We will be able to give you assistance when planning your modification pathway and can quote any additional work to give you complete control over your spend.

How long does the process take?

Simple tunes can take a few hours to download, optimise and upload. For certain, more complicated files, it may require a lot of time on the dyno to extract sufficient data to build high quality maps. In order to ensure that you leave us with enough time to build you a quality file we suggest that a 24 hour period is given to us  to work on your vehicle.

Can software cause damage to my vehicle?

In short, no. All of our files are written well within the tolerances of the vehicle. We do not remove any of the safety features which modern ECUs use to protect the motor and other drive-train components. You must always be mindful that the software on a vehicle can only perform as well as the hardware will let it. If there is an existing problem with a vehicle it will be made apparent when the software is applied even if it was not detectable prior to software tuning. Our workshops will be able to assist you with any replacement parts or mechanical work required to ensure that your vehicle can take full advantage of the software which is applied to it.

Where can I get support?

We have a dedicated support team which will be able to assist you with any after sales support. If you have any questions, please contact boostedautosports1@gmail.com or use the form below.