Why Get BOOSTane?

Want the advantages of high octane fuel without the hassle of trying to find it locally? BOOSTane is an additive that can bring 93 octane fuel up to a tested RON of 110 when used as directed. Originally developed for the offshore powerboat market, it is safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, and contains no alcohol to damage sensitive fuel system components.

1) Save $$$ and time getting Race Fuel.
Instead of spending $$$ and having the hassle of finding E85 & 100+ high octane race fuel, simply add BOOSTane to your regular fuel and get the power and performance of real racing fuel, each and every time.

2) Never loses its potency and effectiveness in storage.
Unlike most Octane Boosters which lose their potency the longer they are stored, BOOSTane has a proprietary carrier fluid which ensure it NEVER loses its power and performance.

3) PROVEN to work each and every time by independent 3rd parties and Dyno Runs
BOOSTane is about performance and effectiveness - nothing else. They have the Dyno results and independant 3rd party test results to back up their claim that this stuff really works to give your daily car, race car, ATV or power boat the Boost it deserves.

4) Ethanol free and total engine protection.
Unlike E85, BOOSTane gives you an ethanol free race fuel solution and contains ingredients to protect your engine for added peice of mind.

5) SEMA Award Winning Product.
BOOSTane has been recognised at SEMA for its effectiveness and real world results. It won the 2014 SEMA Launch Pad Award.