Car Air Ioniser/Purifier FAQ

1. How long do the Boosted Air Purifiers last?

Our purifiers last about one year. All Depending on use.

2. How do they work?

The Boosted Air Purifier use an electric charge to produce stream of negative ions which then remove microscopic particles from the air, improving the air quality in your car.

For the more Scientifically minded, here's a more detailed explanation:
The devices emit ions, which are molecules that have a negative charge instead of the normal neutral charge. Ionized particles of various allergens and odorous materials will either stick to surfaces or each other, at which point they won’t be floating in the air anymore. This results in cleaner, irritant free air.

The Boosted Air Purifier, is the only system in the world with large negative ion amounts (4.8 million/cm3) and an incredible fast and strong smoke dispelling function (within 6 seconds). This makes the system highly effective at eliminating bad odours, killing viruses as well as removing smoke. 

3. What are the benefits?

• Purifies air, removes smoke and dust
• Eliminates smells
• Protects brain function and prevents eyes from getting tired
• Reduces stress
• Increases alertness/concentration while driving
• Improves pulmonary/breathing function
• Prevents air conditioner diseases
• Prevents airborne infections 
• Helps you and your passengers remain comfortable and relaxed during long trips in the car

4. Is there a filter or any maintenance needed?

No filters or maintenance needed for our purifiers. Just plug them into your 12 volt port or Cigarette lighter socket into your vehicle and let them work their magic!

5. Where do you plug them into?

Our purifiers plug right into your vehicles 12 Volt port/Cigarette lighter socket .

6. Can they fit into any vehicle?

Yes, almost every car in the world has a 12 Volt port/Cigarette lighter socket

7. What is the Boosted Air Purifier made of?

The Boosted Air Purifier has an all aluminium body and is available in a range of colours.