CPI Tuning Disclaimer

Thank you for choosing to tune your car with CPI Tuning Australia. 

This information below outlines what work CPI Tuning Australia will be undertaking on your vehicle and the responsibilities of both parties. 


What do you need to tell us? 
Before we proceed it is important that you notify us of any existing mechanical issues with your car. A car with mechanical issues will more than likely not perform as specified and needs to be repaired prior to software modification. Please also let us know if you are using a lower octane or lower quality fuel in your tank. If such fuels are in the vehicle may not function correctly after the tune is installed. 


What will we be doing? 
CPI Tuning Australia will be downloading the file that is currently loaded on your car and sending it to the engineering team at CPI Performance Innovation in South Africa. Using the research, development and skillset of CPI Performance Innovation we will have your file modified to optimise the performance of your vehicle. The goal of our tunes is to provide a smooth power delivery which is reliable. If you wish to specify parameters you can let your tuning consultant know and we can send your feedback along with the file for a personalised tune. We will be changing parameters such as the timing, boost and AFR ratios. We will NOT be modifying the safety parameters of the motor and the motors protection processes will remain in place. 
With your permission we will also test drive the vehicle to ensure that it is running correctly both before and after the tune file is installed. We will be looking for flat spots in the power curve as well as any surges in power or stutters.  


Are we insured? 
Yes via CPI Tuning, we have a $20 million product and public liability policy. This policy covers us for any damage to a vehicle that we may cause during a test drive. It also covers us for any faulty files which cause damage to a motor because of negligence on our part. Keep in mind that it does not cover serviceable parts. For instance we will not be held responsible for the failure of parts such as coil packs or spark plugs. A tune will drive a motor harder in order to achieve better performance and thus certain parts will have shorter life spans. It is your responsibility to change these parts more often. Precautionary maintenance such as changing your oil more often after installing a tune would also be recommended. If you would like advice on precautionary service measures you should undertake please ask your consultant.  


What is our duty of care? 
We will, within the best of our knowledge and abilities, tune your car within parameters that are safe for the long term reliability of your motor. If your custom tune pushes on the boundaries of these parameters we will let you know. 


What is your duty of care? 
It will be your responsibility to keep your car well maintained and to adhere to all necessary precautionary servicing required by your custom tune. If you notice any problems with your car that you believe to be caused by our software you must notify us immediately.  

By proceeding with the CPI Tune from Boosted Autosports - you have indicated that you have read the above disclaimer and agree to allow CPI Tuning Australia via Boosted Autosports PTY LTD to work on your vehicle. You agree to adhere to your duty of care from here thereof.