DIY Tyre Lettering Kits


Our raised white tyre letters allow you to turn any black wall tyre into a REAL raised white letter tyre. Never again will you have to struggle with tire paint pens and tyre markers . Make your own white letter tyres using our REAL rubber raised white letter tyre kits. They adhere permanently to the sidewall of your tyre in seconds. White Tyre Paint pens cannot compare to the performance of our REAL rubber letters.  Whether you are trying to shout about your favorite sports team, advertise a business, or add a nostalgic look to your ride, TredWear offers the ultimate answer.  Try a set today on your sports car and create your own low profile white letter tyres, or add a visual POP to your Motorcycle that will turn heads. 

But WHATEVER you do…..  Don’t let your tyres go ROUND NAKED! Dress them with TredWear Graphics and Lettering Kits.

TredWear had its start in the USA back 2008. The real trick was to find material that will not turn brown and an adhesive that would bond properly to such a dynamic surface. After three and a half years of research (and thousands of kilometres of testing!), we created a product which has the perfect combination of rubber and adhesive to add white letters to your tyre. We did most of the testing over the road on SEMI trucks, since they experienced the most extreme pounding. Sales began in 2010 and we have been growing ever since. The end result is a solution easy to use and install, while lasting the life of most tyres.
No Naked TIRES! Dress them with TREDWEAR!