How To Apply TredWear Tyre Lettering


With correct installation TredWear Tyre Letters will out last your tyres and will not fall off, discolour or fade.

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TredWear Installation Guide

For best results, tyre lettering needs to be installed in the upright position. Do not try to work upside down. Do the top section, on all four tyres and roll the car. It is much easier when the letters are not upside down.


  1. All kit materials and tyres must be dry and kept in a climate no colder than 15 degrees for a minimum of one hour before installation.

  2. A light sanding of the sidewall with 100-120 grit is needed.  This will knock the edges off any textures on the tire surface and add more surface area for the adhesive to create a superior bond.  It is not necessary to sand the sidewall smooth but if you have an electric palm sander, it is very easy to sand a tire sidewall completely smooth for that authentic racing look.

  3. Clean backside of letters and tire sidewall letters with rubber cleaner or a strong degreaser thoroughly and let dry. Repeat this step (sometimes up to 5 times depending upon the residue buildup or if tire shine has ever been used) until the rag comes away clean with no new residue. You also know you are done when the rag does not want to move in a scrubbing motion any longer due to excess friction from the clean rubber. If your tire is not sufficiently clean, the letters will not be permanent!  Next, use 100 grit sandpaper and buff over the area where the letters will be applied.  A final wipedown with alcohol is key, don't forget to clean the backside of the letters with alcohol to remove any grease from the manufacturing process. DO NOT TAKE THIS STEP LIGHTLY!  DO NOT USE CITRUS BASED CLEANERS OR OTHERS THAT LEAVE BEHIND AN OILY RESIDUE.

  4. Apply glue to the outline of the rubber letter, then fill in letter thinly and evenly distributing the glue. Do not use so much that it squeezes out and runs. Best results require a thin, even coat, just enough to cover the letter surface, less is best here.

  5. Apply a good amount of pressure to letter, letting glue set for 15-30 seconds while rubbing from center to outside of decal to remove air bubbles. You can apply masking tape to hold the letters while you continue to work.

  6. Let set for one hour for proper adhesion, avoid putting any pressure through the tyre sidewall which contains the letters during this time.

  7. Remember, If you need to letter the bottom of the tyre, wait for the top to cure and then rotate the bottom into the top position.  It is not necessary to remove the wheel but in some applications it makes installation easier.

  8. Look how great your white letter tires look! After 1-3 weeks of driving a thin protective coating will start peeling off your letters, you can also peel this layer off manully once the glue is cured.

  9. Avoid car washes that employ  steel rail that scrapes the tire sidewall.  Cleaning is best performed by a heavy duty degreaser and a nylon bristle brush.  Most tire shine products will not harm the letters once they are installed and cured, although we recommend dabbing the letter surface clear of excess product after application to avoid dirt attraction.