Swift Kick Sneaker Wipes Overview

The Number 1 Sneaker Wipe in USA - Swiftkick Sneaker Wipes has now arrived in Australia/NZ!

Swiftkick Sneaker Wipes are a highly effective sneaker/boot & leather seat cleaner that conditions as it cleans.

Cleans: Leather Seats, as well as Suede, Nubuck, Rubber, Vinyl & Leather Shoes.

Swiftkick Sneaker Wipes was strategically developed by sneaker enthusiast's with an objective to create a cleaner that was fast, effective, and simple to use. After extensive research and multiple lab visits the initial and unique idea it was perfected and birthed. Their perfected proprietary formula has the capability of cleaning and conditioning just about any dirty object.

Proudly made in the USA, Swiftkick Sneaker Wipes are a nontoxic and multi-purpose shoe & leather seat interior cleaner that cleans five shoe surfaces in one wipe. It was specially designed with on-the-go people in mind. Infused with a formula that’s 30% stronger than its predecessor, Swiftkick can clean your shoes and leather seats without the need for a brush. Just wipe each shoe once, and you’re good to go.