TredWear VS Other Tyre Stickers


There's a lot of Tyre Lettering options in the market today, which can leave many unsure as to which brand they should go for. Also, there's many cheap variations available which make people wonder "does it really matter what I get?". This article will help you see why TredWear is the number 1 choice in the World and why its the only Tyre Lettering Brand you should touch.

TredWear is the only Tyre Lettering Brand you need and below are the reasons why:


TredWear is the ORIGINAL & BEST Tyre Lettering brand in the world. Located in USA, TredWear HQ were the innovators and creators of this niche. They patented the unique manufacturing process and glue that allows a permanent rubber on rubber bond between Tyre and letter. Stick to the best and give your vehicle what it deserves.


Made in the USA and manufactured to world class standards, TredWear will never fade, will never fall off and will look the part day in and day out - no matter the weather or what you throw at your vehicle. Whether on the street or on the race track, TredWear Tyre Lettering is the BEST in the business.


Dont settle with cheap imitators overseas. Boosted Autosports is Australia's premier Authorised TredWear Tyre Lettering Stockist. 100% Australian owned and operated, we offer the BEST range, BEST customer service and local support for all our customers. Meaning we can be relied upon time and again to get back to our customers and answer any question they may have. 


Boosted Autosports offer Sydney customers Mobile Tyre Lettering Installation services, allowing your TredWear Tyre Lettering to be installed on your vehicle while youre at home or at work. We come to your home or office and do the job for you. All our work is guaranteed.


Anyone can cut out rubber and super glue them to a tyre. But if you think Tyre Lettering is that simple, think again. Tyres are made from an array of chemicals which seep out while driving. Coupled with time and exposure to heat and weather elements... making rubber stick to a tyre is extemely difficult. TredWear is different to anything else out there in the market due to its patented and perfected manufacturing process and its unique glue. Which together, ensures our letters NEVER fade, NEVER turn yellow and NEVER fall off... which cant be said about other immitators out there in the market. Stick with the BEST, stick with TredWear from Boosted Autosports.


Most of our customers come to us after purchasing a cheap, inferior tyre lettering product they saw online or after getting sick and tired of their stencils fading after spending so much money. Don’t struggle with tyre lettering stencils or paint that will turn brown in a matter of days. Forget about strips of rubber being laser cut by someone for a cheap price, only to have it turn yellow and fall off because standard rubber cannot do what TredWear was engineered to do. TredWear Lettering will NEVER FADE and that's a guarantee. 


TredWear is the World's #1 Tyre Lettering kit and uses a patented rubber adhesive glue and rubber material lettering to ensure the letters NEVER fall off with correct Installation. TredWear letters last the life of the tyre, giving you the cool, race-car look.


With a range of tyre designs, including Custom lettering and Designer Kits of well known tyres, TredWear has you covered and suits anyones customising goals. Our Custom Race Font series in available in a range of Sizes & Colours too. We also have a range of Officially Licensed Kits including TOYO, NITTO, HANKOOK, SPEED HUNTERS & more!

View the TredWear Designer Series Range
View the TredWear Race Font Series
View the TredWear Permanent Wall Range
View the TredWear Stripe Range


TredWear Tyre Lettering has been shown on a host of high calibre projects and TV shows, including Jay Lenos Garage, and Driver TV. Ken Block's Ford Fiesta features our TredWear Tyre Lettering and most cars and workshops around the world are wearing our TredWear Tyre Lettering Kits.

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