Why tune with CPI?

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Why should you tune your vehicle with CPI?

1) We definitely believe CPI is the best tune available!
We extract the MOST power and can acheive this in a flexible number of ways, unlike fixed tunes.

The ability to custom tune means that CPI can write any combination of parameters. This means that CPI have the capability of writing the best file for your car and your particular modifications, allowing your tune to be set according to your specific output and power delivery requirements.

2) Flexible solutions for so many makes and models.
CPI has a wide range of performance solutions to cater for your every need, including: ECU Tune, Plug and Play Solution, Open ECU and hardware.
We dont just tune one brand of vehicle, but rather tune Japanese, European and Australian/US Vehicles as well.

3) CPi Performance Innovation has been in the game for the last 15 years, headed by one of the top tuning specialists in the World.
Our professional software engineer, Myan Moodley, is one of the top tuning specialists in the world. Our expertise spans across all makes and models. Software tuning is a fine art that we have mastered.

4) Free File Updates for the life of your modifications.
As a CPI Full Custom ECU + Membership package you get something no one else offers: free file updates for basic changes for the life of your modifications.