Boostane SHOT - 6 Pack (118ml Bottle)

Boostane SHOT - 6 Pack (118ml Bottle)

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BOOSTane Shot Octane Booster is a super concentrated formula capable of increasing pump fuel to between 2 and 3 octane numbers using only 118ml of product. Our BOOSTane Shot line is meant for daily driving, and where quick & convenient, access to high quality, high octane fuel is needed.  Portable shrink wrap packaging makes BOOSTane Shot Octane Booster perfect to throw in the boot,  bag, or travel pack - ready to use when needed. It is a one and done product, requiring no measuring or ratios.  The concentrated 4oz (118ml) bottle is shrink wrapped and can securely travel in small storage spaces. Be a part of the movement that is unchaining themselves from bulky, expensive race fuel, and let BOOSTane take you to the finish line.

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There are a lot of additives that make claims about what they can do for your performance. BOOSTane is not one of the those fuel additives. Utilizing a proprietary, patent pending blend, BOOSTane effectively raises your octane 15 points. Don’t trust claims, invest in results. BOOSTane is the product of years of engineering and racing pedigree.

Click here for independent third party octane testing, the official BOOSTane Mixing Chart, and other testing information.

Get BOOSTane and turn the petrol in your tank to a high performance race fuel equivalent.

BOOSTane SHOT - 6 Pack

– Contains 6 bottles of BOOSTane SHOT

– Will raise your effective octane fuel number 2-3 points!
– No need to calculate ratios
– Street legal
– Unlock lost power

–Motorcylce friendly

– Small engine compatible

– Can be used on low compression engines

– Convenient size

– Recyclable bottle