By Boosted Autosports


This phenomenal 1975 VW SuperBeetle is Killiy's absolute pride and joy, with plenty of work that went into making it what we see today.
We caught up with her to find out all about this dream car and TredWear.

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1) Tell us a little about your car.
Bertie is a 1975 Volkswagen SuperBeetle, the model is known as the Volkswagen L in Australia. I bought Bertie as I always wanted a beetle since watching the Herbie movies as child. I spent 5 years looking for one and just happened to jump on car sales the day Bertie was advertised and knew that was my beetle. I had to put down a deposit the next day and flew to Brisbane with my father 2 weeks later to view, purchase and drive it the 10 hours back North. I bought Bertie in late November 2018.

2) What Modifications have you done to your vehicle?
Because Bertie was initially backyard rebuilt in 2006, I have had to overhaul and repair a lot of the build from wear and tear to improperly done work. I have had 
Bog removed and rust repairs done correctly, panels repainted, gearbox rebuilt, carpet and bonnet upholstery done, the steering wheel I had customised by PearlCraft SteeringWheels,
I have added lots of little details, like the vinyl wrap on the dashboard to the spotlights, and dress up parts were added to fulfill my vision of the build. Otherwise Bertie was already fitted with a type 3 2276cc aircooled engine with dual 44mm IDF Webers when I bought him, a significant upgrade from the stock 1600cc engine that would have been fitted from factory. I did however have new red powdercoated tinware installed to replace the poorly modified pieces and improved cooling.

4) What made you want to look into getting TredWear Lettering?
I wanted TredWear because I love the look of whitewalls and lettered tyres. Bertie's overal build is 'cal-look', a race-beetle tuning style originating in America in the 60s, and he was drag raced at some point, so it seemed like a fitting final touch for the build.

5) What do you think of TredWear after putting it on?
I am very impressed with the TredWear, it was super easy to apply, looks fantastic and it stays on! I had previously tried to paint my tyre lettering before and that did not work at all.

6) Would you recommend TredWear Tyre Lettering?
I would definitely recommend TredWear, it actually works compared to tyre paint and does not require modification to the tyre to fit e.g. sanding the sidewall smooth.

7) What's next for you and Bertie the Beetle?
Visually, Bertie is pretty much done, although I do plan to have the seats reupholstered at some stage. Mechanically however, I am planning to have a new turbo-charged EFI 2276/2332cc aircooled engine built for Bertie.

8) Anything else you want to say?
This was my first time ordering from Boosted Autosports but I will definitely order again, I have another custom beetle ground up build that has just started that I am certain will need some TredWear when it is ready to hit the road!