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Autodip Metallic Series - Gold

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The Autodip Metallic Series is in a class of it’s own. On top of having a high-gloss finish, it boasts proprietary additives that give it a distinct, deep and metallic appearance similar to high-end OEM paint finishes.
*NOTE: You must apply a base coat (4 coats) of Gloss Series - Space Grey prior to applying Gold Metallic Series Autodip

Autodip is a vinyl-based premium peelable synthetic paint developed specifically for automotive application. It allows you to customize and protect wheels, accessories and full bodies in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Autodip’s peelability, affordability, premium finish and Do-It-Yourself installation makes it the clear alternative to traditional powder coating, paint and vinyl wraps.

Our patent pending formula was researched, developed and tested with Laval University’s Nano Technology Department, the National Institute of Scientific Research and the National Research Council of Canada.

Autodip’s unique formula contains proprietary UV protection additives that help maintain its finish for up to two years. It has been thoroughly tested on most types of surfaces in the automotive industry (alloys and clear coats).

*NOTE: You must apply a base coat (4 coats) of Gloss Series - Space Grey prior to applying Gold Metallic Series Autodip
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