Featured Customer: Sam's AMG C63s Coupe

By Boosted Autosports

Featured Customer: Sam's AMG C63s Coupe

Owner: Sam Zachariah, founder of Sneaker Spa Sydney (Instagram Page).
Vehicle: Mercedes AMG C63s Coupe.
We had the pleasure of chatting to Sam, who had a host of high performance, hardware & tuning products applied to his beast by the team here at Boosted Autosports.
These included:
  • ECU Performance Tune
  • HJS 200CEL Catted Downpipes
  • Exhaust Heat Shielding
  • Blow Off Valve
  • Adjustable Spring Kit
  • Wheel Spacers
Check out the interview below.
Boosted Autosports: What got you into cars?
Sam: Ever since I was a kid I’ve been obsessed with cars, new, old, big or small. I have a mate that is slightly older and he got a mk3 golf as his first car and I helped him with customising it etc. And I loved watching it go from a standard golf to a piece of art. That’s what really kick-started my love for cars.
Boosted Autosports: What do you love most about your AMG?
Sam: The sheer power and noise that comes from the car. I’d have to argue the c63s is probably one of the best, if not the best high performance coupe on the streets. Excluding exotics of course. 

Boosted Autosports: What's your favourite modification from Boosted Autosports?
Sam: It has to be the exhaust and blow off valve. The noise from the exhaust is insane. And the blow off valve adds that extra bit of sauce hearing the turbo under the roar. 

Boosted Autosports: What would you say to anyone considering an ECU tune from Boosted Autosports?
Sam: Do it! Do it! Do it! I didn’t think I’d feel much difference but was I wrong. The responsiveness and power output was so much better after the tune.

Boosted Autosports: What's the next plan for your car?
Sam: I guess a turbo upgrade and then everything that comes with it. And changing the brake caliper colour.
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