Check out The Tuning School review of BOOSTane

By Boosted Autosports

Check out The Tuning School review of BOOSTane

See how 43+ HP was gained with BOOSTane. Check out The Tuning School review of BOOSTane.

Get higher octane, no more octane boosters that don’t work.  No more lugging around race fuel pails.  Find your tuner, get some BOOSTane, get properly dialed in on your tune, and run BOOSTane for higher octane.  For years drivers have been limited to fuel options, your choices have been fuel at a local petrol station, race fuel that is expensive and difficult to handle, or a mix of pump fuel + fuel additive from a local auto store that never created results.

BOOSTane is the solution.  The highest performing octane booster available, we allow anyone to fully customize their fuel from a 98 pump grade to as high as a 116 race fuel equivalent.  Using a proprietary carrier BOOSTane allows users to create more aggressive tunes, protect their engine, and treat lower quality fuel.

The guys at BOOSTane have teamed up with tuners around the the USA and abroad to give peace of mind that theye deliver on on their claim of raising octane. Send us a message with any questions and we will gladly get back to you.  Whether you’re using our products for tuning, protecting your hot rod, or in a race boat, BOOSTane has tested and retested to ensure safe and reliable results every time.

For the best octane booster on the market check out our BOOSTane range at https://BOOSTane atranfe